Cucumber Salad 凉拌青瓜

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Is Cucumber really attractive? I don’t think so. It just lies in the supermarket absentmindedly and people think of it is the “basic vegetable you put in those lettuce leaf salads”. Avocados get the spotlight on Instagram, but do cucumbers? Would you really dare to declare for your love of cucumbers without the fear of being judged as incredibly boring at health concious. “OMG, I loooove cucumbers” and people will look at you weirdly and ignore you. “OMG, I looove avocados” and people will be like “OMG me too,  I  only eat “smashed” avocado toast that costs 20 dollars and OMG OMG have you tried that new thing on Instagram where cut it into a shape of a rose and put it on toast OMG 1!1! #vegan #rawtill4 #hispter #avocado #glutenfree #clean eating!!! 

I love avocados too. But cucumbers can also be incredibly delicious too if you flavour it well. Add a bit of sourness and spiciness and  it will become the most delicious salad you have ever tasted.



This Chinese cucumber salad (凉拌青瓜) is something you will find all over china. It is a refreshing and delicious side dish. Your taste buds will be so startled by the bursts of flavour. Before you know it you will be bingeing on cucumber salad, non stop….

Cucumber Salad


1/2 telegraph cucumber

one garlic

one tsp of each; soy sauce, black/rice vinegar, oyster sauce and chilli oil (homemade or 老干妈 brand)

salt and sugar to taste


Peel cucumber skin, but leave a few dark green strips for  aesthetics

Chop cucumber in half, lengthwise and half it again. Chop each of your four cucumber strips at a 45 degree angles into chunks.

Slice garlic thinly and toss in the bowl with cucumber. Add seasonings and a little salt and sugar to taste.

Chill in fridge for 5-10 minutes and add some dried chilli on top to decorate.

Done. Easy and delicious!


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