Salmon Roe and Avocado Don

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Are you sweaty, tired and not in the mood to stand 30 minutes beside a mini fire?  If so, you are like me. I hate turning on the stove in summer time. This no-cook salmon roe and avocado don recipe is the perfect solution for our summer heat problems. I adapted the recipe from a Taiwanese cookbook about making rice balls called {饭团日和}. I found it cute how they used an avocado as a bowl, so I stole their idea and placed it on my blog!IMG_1803.JPG

This dish is simple, healthy and delicious  The creaminess of the avocado matched with the bursts of flavour from salmon roe  will definitely excite your tastebuds.The fragrance of shiso makes it even better. Salmon roe and avocado are rich and fatty. Be sure to eat some kimchi/pickles/salad with vinegarette as you will need something sour to balance out the fattiness.


Enjoy xx


Serves 2 (one person will have to eat theirs from a normal bowl)

You will need a rice cooker

0.75 rice cooker cup of sushi rice

1.5 tbs sushi vinegar/ mix together 1.5 tbs rice vinegar+1/2 tsp salt+1/2 tsp white sugar (adjust to taste)

One avocado

50g salmon roe/caviar * (1/4 cup)

1-2 tsp japanese soy sauce

Shredded nori and Shiso leaves**,to garnish

Kimchi/homemade pickles/salad/something sour to serve


Cook rice according to rice cooker instructions.

Once rice is cooked, place in a bowl, wooden if possible.

Add sushi vinegar and using a rice paddle, fold the rice in. Be sure to keep the rice grains intact.

Cut the avocado lengthways, in three quarters. You will have one large halve and one small halve. Use the larger halve of the avocado as your bowl.

Scoop the avocado out of it’s shell. (KEEP THE SKIN INTACT).

Dice avocado into chunks and fold into the rice mixture.

Gently place the avocado and rice mixture back into the shell.

Mix salmon caviar with 1-2 tsp of soy sauce.

Place on top of the avocado bowl. Garnish with chopped shiso leaves and shredded nori.

*I know salmon roe/caviar is kind of expensive, I got mine from Farro Fresh for $26/100g. However, your caviar can feed four people from this recipe. If you eat brunch in NZ, your eggs benedict is like $19 dollars. And thats just eggs.

**You can find shiso leaves at korean supermarkets. The flavour and fragance of shiso leaves is irreplaceable, but you can use chopped spring onion instead.


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